Wednesday, January 15, 2014

White Lie of India News - Clear Manipulations of Statements

Aam Aadmi Party and Kumar Vishwas is one of the hottest news today. The channels are trying their best to cover the new in their own ways. But, I was shocked when I observed how some channels manipulate the things. Let me clear first that I am not a support of AAP or Kumar Vishwas. But, I see it as my duty to indicate the white lie spoken by a reporter of India News.

In a statement, Mr. Kumar Vishwas said about Mallika Sarabhai that “AAP me hazaron log hain, or sabke apne mat hain.” Now, the channel reporter is saying “Kumar Vishwas ne Mallika Sarabhai ko pahchanne se inkaar kar diya. Inhone kaha ki AAP me hazaron log hain or vah Mallika Sarabhai ko nahi pahachnte. Samanya gyan ke liye bata den … blah blah blah” Do India News thinks the listeners as fools? Mr. Vishwas is just saying that thousands of people have their views, but according to Ms. Reporter, Kumar Vishwas refused to recognize Mallika Sarabhai. Interestingly, the channel itself is first showing the statement of Vishwas and then reporter is speaking. Ms. Reporter! Don’t demean your channel by manipulating the things so clearly. The people who are not fools or deaf.