Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baldev Singh - Scholar or Braindead Person

The name of Sardar Baldev Singh is popular among Sikhs. He is supposed to be a scholar of Sikh history. Recently, I reached to one of his articles in which he claimed that famous writer Khushwant Singh is distorting the Sikh history. Well, I have no knowledge about Sikh history, so I would not like to comment on it.

I am only writing to talk about one of his statement about Hinduism in that article. According to him, Hindus feel shame because their role models like Chankya, Krishna, Pandvas etc., used lies and manipulations for getting the pursuit of victory. According to writer, these things were immoral. I must say it is one of the most laughable sentences I have ever read as yet.

Even a small child knows that at the time of Chankya, the condition of nation was worst and the king named Nand was looting, killing and doing many other misdeeds with the people that were under his rule. Chanakya saved them by planning to kill him. On the other hand, it was the time when India was divided, and Alexander was planning to invade. Chankya united India through his policies. Now, question arises what is morality? Should Chanakya had to let all those innocent people be destroyed from the hands of cruel king? Should Chanakya had to leave the nation disunited? If yes, then would it be morality? Perhaps yes, according to fake and self-made standards of Mr. Baldev Singh. I memorize a story which I heard once. There was a kind man who never spoke lie. But once he saw a goat running. After two minutes, he saw running a butcher with knife in his hand, who was chasing the goat in order to kill it. He asked the kind man where goat has gone. He spoke lie for the first time in his life by telling wrong way to the butcher. Now, anyone can understand what was right in that situation. Similarly, if Chanakya played some politics with bad people in order to save the innocent ones then how it was wrong? If keeping people's life in danger because of manipulation of truth or lie, is a morality according to Sikh standards, then I must have to say that God save the humanity from such Sikhism. I am not condemning Sikhism, but I am condemning self-styled Sikhism of Baldev Singh.

Similarly, in Mahabharata, Kauravas tried to make alady (Draupadi) naked, sent Pandvas to exile by hook or crook, tried to burn Pandvas in Lakshagrah, and so on. They did all these through unfair means. But perhaps, all this is right according to Mr. Baldev Singh. After facing all the cheating by Kauravas, still Pandvas and Sri Krishna tried for peace and accepted to take just five villages instead of kingdom, but Kauravas continued cruelty on them. And, in the last Pandvas fought against injustice. But, childish Mr. Baldev Singh sees immorality on the side of Pandvas and Sri Krishna.

Another laughable thing in Baldev Singh's statement is that Hindus feel shame and that's why they ridicule Sikhism and other minorities. Oh my goodness, if this is the condition of scholars of Sikhism, then I must will have to say that Sikhism is on decline. Chanakya Niti and Bhagwat Gita are still being propagated in the entire world, and there is no true Hindu who feels shame on his or her role models. Saving the innocent people and nation, may be immoral according to Baldev-styled Sikhism, but not for Hindus. Hindus don't believe in such fake moralities which stop them to fight against injustice. Hindus feel proud of the dignitaries who did work to unite India, to save people or to save Dharma. There is nothing shameful in that, but yes Baldev's Singh's self-styled Sikism is defiantly shameful.

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