Friday, August 2, 2013

Sikhism: Part of Hinduism or Not?

My previous post was about Baldev Singh. But, it is a general blog post about some fake Sikh scholars. There are a number of articles written by some Sikhs, which you can read on internet, in which it has been tried to prove that Sikhism is a different religion than Hinduism despite the fact that Guru Granth Sahib has a number of quotes in praise of Vedas1 (of course against also). In addition, Dasham Granth of Guru Gobind Singh ji has many things, which resemble Hinduism. In order to prove them a separate religion, some Sikhs started claiming now that Dasham Granth is a fake book and has not been written by their guru. There is a complete series of videos on YouTube, in which it has been tried to prove by Khalistan supporter Sikhs (?). On the other hand, there are the videos of some other Sikhs condemning them and claiming that Dasham Granth is their original scripture.

Well, I am not concerned whether the Sikhism is the part of Hinduism or not. Sanatan Dharma is thousands of years ago, when there was no Sikhism. But, I would like to discuss here a couple of points regarding the separation of Sikhism and Hinduism given by the fake scholars of Sikhism, which seem very foolish. These are about caste system and monotheism/polytheism.

These gentlemen claim that Hinduism is a polytheist religions whereas Sikhism believes in monotheism. For the kind information of these people, Hinduism does not bear a single theory, but it comprises of a number of sects. Shaiv, Vaishnavs, Lingyats, Bramo Samaj, Arya Samaj and a number of other sects & organizations are found in Hinduism. Many of these sects believe in monotheism. The organizations like Brahmo Samaj and Arya Samaj can be taken as the examples in this regard. Besides, there had been some atheist sects also such as Charvak in the history. Charvak was the ancient Indian atheist. Many of the modern scholars also claim the Charavak philosophy as the part of Hinduism. Now, the question arises, if the monotheist and atheist sects can exist inside Hinduism, then how can Sikhism’s monotheism a reason behind the claimed difference?

Another points raised by them is caste system. Whole world knows that many sects and reformist organization in Hinduism condemned the caste system. Vaishnav acharyas and the 19th century reformist organizations fall under this category. These cults are even much more liberal as compared to Sikhs about caste system. These scholars seem to be unaware about the historical fact that Dr. B.R. Ambedkar first decided to become Sikh. But, when he saw that the big religious posts were not being given to low castes, then finally he chose Buddhism. Perhaps, it was because of the politics of Tara Singh, who had the fear that the neo-Sikhs would dominate the old Sikhs.2

Finally, I would only like to request the so-called Sikh scholars to stop giving such childish arguments and tell something strong, which could prove their claim.



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